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The Real Cost of Technology?

As I’m sitting here writing this piece my phone buzzes, a friend texting to see if I’m going to meet her later to study, my homepage is running its usual newsfeed with all the gore and drama of an action … Continue reading

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Citizenship and “Wage Slaves”

Shklar in her book American Citizenship draws a very clear line between slavery and what many people call being a wage slave. In her eyes simply having the right to earn and retain wages for labor is a huge step up … Continue reading

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Who will survive in America?

America was a bastard the illegitimate daughter of the mother country whose legs were then spread around the world and a rapist known as freedom – free doom. Democracy, liberty, and justice were revolutionary code names that preceded the bubbling, … Continue reading

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Tocqueville and Rich People Bashing

In Tocqueville’s influential novel Democracy in America he outlines some very important ideas regarding the inevitable flaws of Democracy as compared to it’s counterpart Monarchy. Tocqueville believes that the Tyranny of the Majority is far more destructive to a society than any Monarch could ever be. His basic … Continue reading

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Potter Stewart, A man with a great name, and a great vision

Potter Stewart… My Kind of Textualist After reading his dissent within the Griswold v. Connecticut I was intrigued with his convictions towards textulism and the way he staunchly refused the ‘penumbra’ of inferred privacy the Bill of Rights is said … Continue reading

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Team Brennan: Textualism v. Contemporary Ratification

During a class discussion on the interpretation of the Constitution, a student humorously stated that as long as the Supreme Court’s decisions were in alignment with their own views, then the process of how the Court came to that decision … Continue reading

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Federalist, Anti-Federalists and the fear of government

Government.   Perhaps no other word in the English language carries with it such feelings of controversy, fear, fury, passion, dread and hope.  Though there are amble more words to describe this strange system in which humans organize themselves these … Continue reading

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