True Beneficiaries of Factions

The belief that factions exist to squelch minimal movements in order to maintain a higher level of peace in America is true.  It does serve this purpose to an extent.  Two of the largest factions are Republicans and Democrats.  With Republicans and Democrats constantly fighting over issues, often seeming to be more interested in disagreement than an actual solution, its easy to understand how factions work.  When people are divided they fight amongst each other and not against the system.

With sides pinned against each, its sometimes easy to forget that Republicans and Democrats agree about most of the same things.  On a true scale of political beliefs, with Socialism and Communism on either sides of the spectrum, Republicans and Democrats are roughly in the middle.  During primaries Candidates will obviously branch further out, attempting to lure the primary voters but that’s about as far as politician will go.  Therefore, it seems that the true difference in these parties isn’t too vast, but yet constant argument occurs.  Why?  If we assume that there is a reason for everything, some entity must benefit.

A simple solution, is that politicians benefit from the arguing.  They get to be paid to often do lots of nothing.  While this is a horribly negative and unfair characterization, the fact is Congress rarely is held to high regard.  In fact, during the last survey, Congress’ approval ratings were lower than Herpes.  More people looked favorably towards an STD than they did with Congress’ performance.  So maybe, all that arguing and mentality of difference between parties exists to give politicians a job.  They can argue with each other over trivial issues instead of actually coming up with original ideas that can be helpful.

Another solution albeit less popular, would be that the true beneficiaries of factions are the corporations.  While everyone is arguing about whether gay people can get married, all that time is spent on handling issues that seem far less concerning than the massive deficit and debt facing the nation.  Or perhaps if people argued less about abortion, we could face the prison or education problems in the U.S.  Regardless, while all these issues are being fought the main beneficiaries seem to the elite.  Income disparity between the rich and poor has increased steadily and significantly since World War 2 with The United States having the 3rd highest income disaparity of measured nations, behind only amazingly run nations such as Brazil and Mexico.

While Occupy Wall Street is largely unorganized, their point is still sound.  In a nation with severely poorly educated and impoverished people, can the rich truly not afford to be taxed a little bit higher?  If you sit back and think, in a democratic nation where in theory 99 percent of the people would benefit from increased taxes on the elite, wouldn’t you expect for people to fully support increasing taxes on them?  And yet, it rarely happens.  A large part is certainly due to corporations and their lobbying, but Americans are also split into these factions.  People who believe that wealth should be protected and others who believe that more wealth should be spread.  All these factions exist, and at the end of the day, the rich continue to be rich and rarely are hurt by politics.  At worst legislation passes which harms an industry such as tobacco, but then just around the corner another industry is salvaged like banking or auto.  Business is the ever popular and ever protected issue in America.

Now that’s not to say other issues don’t matter.  Abortion, gay marriage, and anything else that people argue about is important because we have these beliefs and want to stand up for them.  However, at the end of the day we tend to look at issues by breaking it all down to dollars and cents.  And while politicians and Americans waste time with comparatively little issues, the rich continue to become richer while the poor become more impoverished.  So do factions exist to protect the nation from uprisings?  Yes.  However, a part of me believes that the true beneficiaries are the already supremely wealthy and the individuals who seek to join that income bracket.



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