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Oprah- The Ultimate Citizen?

In Judith Schklar’s American Citizenship, the author outlines that you must earn and vote in order to be considered a citizen; fulfilling both of these requirements, in Schklar’s opinion, allows you to breech the divide and get yourself in the … Continue reading

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Civic Republicans and Liberals in Daily Life

The political distinctions of civic republican and liberal not only impact how people view government and politics, but also how they act in everyday life. I apologize for the lengthy back-story on how I came to this conclusion, but if … Continue reading

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If It Looks Like a Duck

The following was a joint effort of David Kozlowski, Nicole Yadon, Kevin Schumaker, and Justin Williams. “Are white people a faction?”  Jennet offered this provocative question in last week’s lecture.  Many people responded, describing how white people look out for … Continue reading

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True Beneficiaries of Factions

The belief that factions exist to squelch minimal movements in order to maintain a higher level of peace in America is true.  It does serve this purpose to an extent.  Two of the largest factions are Republicans and Democrats.  With … Continue reading

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How Social Media Has Helped Prevent The Democratic Wish (In Response to “How Social Media has helped the Democratic Wish”)

According to Morone’s “Democratic Wish”, individualism is a major contributing factor to the dismantling of the Civic Republican part of the process. Also, in order to bring about the communitarian Democratic Wish, there has to be a wide-spread agreement on … Continue reading

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Banksy as a Classic Liberal

Banksy is a graffiti artist who has been given a lot of attention lately, and he has emerged as a very controversial figure. Some consider him one of the most important contemporary artists, while others think of him as nothing … Continue reading

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Exclusion and its Influence in the 2012 GOP Presidential Race

The GOP presidential race continues to remain up for grabs. Numerous candidates have risen to the top only to soon after see a fall in popularity.  The only constant in this race seems to be Mitt Romney, who has remained … Continue reading

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How Social Media has Helped the Democratic Wish

The digital age we live in has greatly changed the way citizens obtain information about the government, and has definitely changed the way people participate in government. According to Pew Internet reports 73 percent of internet users seek information online … Continue reading

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Did the Fear of Factions Cause a Grid- Lock?

Factions were a fear to the Founding Fathers, including Madison, because they knew what life was like to be governed by another. They wanted to ensure that as they created a new constitution, the new law of the land, that … Continue reading

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Would Douglass be a supportive member of Malcolm X’s audience?

As we explored the works of several African American authors and attempted to understand their quest for equality and citizenship we also briefly touched on the idea of violence as an extension of Shklar’s definition of citizenship. While our focus … Continue reading

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